My passion is to help writers realise their dream of publication, whether it is via self-publishing or main-stream publishing. Whether you've finished your novel or still in the midst of the process of writing, I am here to provide editing, constructive comments and reviews.

I have a degree in Creative Writing, I've published articles and written short stories and edited many novels that have gone on to be published, and I've held numerous Creative Writing Workshops. My extensive knowledge of creative writing plus your brilliant story ideas is sure to be an explosive combination!

​Basic edit includes:

  • Copy Editing – grammar, spelling and typos

  • Helpful comments regarding narrative voice, characterisation, and consistency of general details

  • Layout and typography

  • Final proofread

Medium edit includes the basic edit plus:

  • Structural Editing – adjustments to individual paragraphs and overall physical structure

  • Stylistic Editing – improve narrative voice and fluency of the text

  • Characterisation - consistency check

  • Dialogue input

  • Consistency of time and place

Delux edit includes medium edit plus:

  • Creative Editing – additions to the manuscript with author’s consent and collaboration

  • Content Editing

  • Greater input re dialogue and characterisation

  • Research re background/geography of story

  • ghost writing if required


If you’re not sure what you require, a sample edit will quickly indicate which of the above edits is best for you. Contact me to find out more.