Manuscript Review

Every manuscript, both fiction and non-fiction, will benefit from a written review. It’s quicker and cheaper than an edit and will highlight the areas that require your attention. A review is like a vitamin B booster because it kick-starts creativity and goes a long way towards slaying the dreaded writer’s block. Before submitting your story for editing, submit it for a Manuscript Review. As you work through the suggestions in the margin, ideas flow and writing becomes enjoyable once more.


The review - either as an email attachment or as a live conversation via Skype (Online Consultations) - will provide the fiction writer with fresh ideas for character and story development. It’s important to note that although the review will provide you with suggestions, you remain in control of the creative process.


When one of my clients asked me for advice about a character who was going nowhere, I suggested a change of career – for the character, not the author! After we shared ideas, her desk-bound male mathematician became a landscape gardener, got a new name and as a result became courageous, funny and likable. He related to other characters differently and suddenly, my client’s story developed endless possibilities!


A Manuscript Review is like sitting down for a chat with a writing friend as it provides you with a sympathetic, knowledgeable ear and loads of inspiration!