Memoirs aren’t just for the wealthy and famous. Each life is important. Your own story describes where you grew up, worked, lived and played. Who you loved. What you did. Technology and communications are changing our world so quickly and people move countries far more than they ever did, so your life has been very different from that of your descendants. Perhaps you grew up without cell phones, computers, or even television or electricity – whatever you’ve experienced, you are your family’s only link to your past. Your memoirs will be a living history.


It’s a way of reaching out to grandchildren and great-grandchildren still to be born; a way of sharing life’s lessons and saying, “I love you” even after you’ve gone. Writing your story down is a fool-proof way of making sure your story remains correct in every detail when it’s passed down to the next generation.


The realization that publishing your memoir for your loved ones is completely possible may be all the motivation you need to start this important project and while some clients need a lot of assistance in writing their memoirs (even ghostwriting), others merely require basic editing and a guide to self-publishing. Whatever you need - from expanding your notes to a full manuscript, designing your personal book cover to finally self-publishing a professional-looking paper-back – I’m as close as your computer and I would love to help you. (see Online Consultations)


Therapeutic value

Writing down memories is useful in processing ‘stuff’ that we have gone through. While this can be painful, it is also liberating. One of my clients had suffered many disappointments during her life. Writing down her memories from a negative perspective simply made her feel worse - but then she began to highlight the good things that had happened, and the lessons she’d learned when life was hard. She chose to be thankful, and this version of her memoirs was accepted for publication by a community publishing initiative and 200 copies of her book were typeset and printed free of charge. (Mary Cook, Sunshine and Shadow, (2013) Centre for the Book, Cape Town