Professional editing provides you with a 'clean eye' to read through your work, bring out the best points and cuts out the parts that don't fit - before you submit your manuscript to the publisher.

I'll make your manuscript the best it can possibly be by examining both the big picture and the finer details, while ensuring that it retains your unique style because I respect the individuality of your manuscript!

You have a dream of publishing and I want to help you achieve that quickly and efficiently. Contact me today to book your online appointment.

  • Copy Editing – checking for grammar and spelling

  • Structural Editing – adjustments to overall physical structure and to individual paragraphs

  • Stylistic Editing – improves fluency of text (remove ambiguity and poor sentence construction)

  • Creative Editing – adds to the creative level of manuscript with author’s consent and collaboration

  • Content Editing

  • Substantive editing

  • Detailed editing for meaning

  • Checking for consistency

  • Layout and typography


If you’re not sure what sort of edit you want, opt for a sample edit. This will quickly indicate the level of editing required.