Polish and check your thesis or article before publication. Checks can include typography, grammar, repetition, paragraph structure, layout, and references.

Why thesis editing is essential

In the words of one student: “Many of my friends had to resubmit their theses due to poor editing. It is very stressful because if you miss the submission deadline, you have to register all over again. It’s very expensive.”

Your choice of editor can mean the difference between a pass or a fail.

Reduces Stress

Working with a professional editor makes finishing your thesis easier, not harder.

How editing will help you

The editor checks for typographical errors, grammatical mistakes, repetition, paragraph structuring, layout and referencing.

When English isn’t your home language

If English is your second or third language, mistakes with grammar rules and word definitions are common and these could sabotage your chances of a successful degree or post-graduate qualification.


“Finding a suitable professional editor is the key to the successful completion of any academic research project. A friend recommended Brenda Burgess and it was a privilege and an honour for me to work with her – she edited my MSc thesis with passion, despite very limited time. Regular communications regarding changes gave me the option to agree or disagree with her suggestions, and the project was completed before the deadline. I would recommend the professional editing services of Brenda Burgess to anyone who requires polished and edited research work. Thank you very much Brenda – I will definitely use your professional services in the future.”

~Philbert Habimana, MSc Civil Engineering, University of Cape Town, South Africa.


“Writing is a medium of communication as well as speaking. However, the way we speak and write are totally different. As a student, mother of two and full time working employee, I was not able to write and review my research papers on time. I was relieved when a fellow student introduced me to Brenda. Her professional approach to editing made it easy to work with her as she guided me in writing my academic papers. She always made time for me whenever I asked for assistance. Since engaging with Brenda, my academic writing style and marks improved, and I met all my deadlines!”

~Luluzana Madhlophe, Executive MBA, Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town.

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