Identify possible weaknesses in structure, tone, content, narration, dialogue, and consistency. Overcome writer’s block with one-on-one creative meetings.

When a client asked me for advice about a character who was going nowhere, I suggested a change of career – for the character, not the author! Within a short time, her desk-bound male mathematician become a landscape gardener and had a new name which immediately ‘made’ him courageous, funny and likeable. He related to other characters differently and suddenly the story had endless possibilities.

A manuscript review is appropriate at any time during the writing process and can be used to beat writer’s block. Collaboration with a language professional will identify possible weaknesses in structure, tone, content, narration, dialogue and consistency and, unlike an formal edit, the writer has the freedom to decide how, when and where to use this creative input.

Manuscript reviews are conducted online via Skype but may also take the form of a detailed written report.

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