When you’ve got a great idea for a book or article but you’re short of time.

If you have a great idea but need help in putting it into a written format, ghostwriting could be the answer. You may be short of time, or not enjoy writing at all, but this needn’t to stop you from communicating your story to the world. Your notes, together with our Skype conversations, will form the backbone of your story. The narrator’s voice will be recognizably yours (not mine) because this is your story. Fiction, memoirs, web content (including blogs) and magazine articles can all benefit from a ghostwriter.

Ghostwriting is the secret behind many a best-selling author and it can make all the difference between an unremarkable book and an enthralling read.

Did you know that ghostwriters are often used by celebrities? When a football star, actor or politician hits the news, everyone wants to know their story. Most of these celebrities aren’t authors, yet their books become bestsellers. So how do they do it? While a few celebrities do discover hidden writing talents (if they have the time to write, that is), the rest choose to employ a ghostwriter.

I believe your story is worth sharing with the world and I’d love to collaborate with you on your writing project. So – don’t wait any longer. Gather your rough notes together and send them to me for an evaluation.

I’m ready when you are! Your beautiful content is right around the corner.